Film Review of the Week: Pachamama

Film Review of the Week: Pachamama

On the lookout for a quality film to watch with the kids? Then you should think about trying out our Film Review of the Week. This week, we want to focus on South American-based animation Pachamama. If you want your kids to watch an awesome animation with a really powerful message, this is a great Friday night flick that kids and parents can enjoy alike.

What is Pachamama?

Animated movies are, for the most part, aimed at kids. They tend to have quite childish scripts and keep the humour to a very child-like level. However, some movies, like Pachamama, tend to go a little bit further in how they look to show things off in our world. That is why if you are on the lookout for a quality film to enjoy you might wish to take a look at this film.

We don’t want to spoil too much of the plot, but the basic gist is this…

Pachamama takes us to the Andres Mountains, where a young lad called Tepulpai stays with his family. Tepulpai dreams of becoming a shaman and following in the traditions of his village. The village has a prized possession: a Huaca, which a golden statue. This one represents the goddess Pachamama. Unfortunately, an Incan tax collector turns up and, when the village cannot pay, takes the Huaca as ‘payment’. Soon, any dreams of being a shaman are shelved; a new mission exists – to get back the Huaca.

Armed with ambition and friendship, young Tepulpai sets off on a journey that takes him across the region. It’s a movie that is extremely rich in spirit, and seen as a fantastic journey. Kids can get inspired by the lengths that the group go to try and reclaim their prized possession. If you want to show your kids the value of fighting for what you believe in and what you want in this world, then this film does quite the job of showing them the value of having that indomitable spirit.

However, one reason we recommend this movie to families is simple: it takes South American culture very seriously. Many animated movies are essentially a caricature of culture from around the world. by contrast, Pachamama can open your eyes to the way that South American cultures work and co-exist. It also teaches our children a very important message for the future: that there is more to life than urban living. That we need to preserve nature, and to keep traditions alive as they play a key role in helping to keep communities unique from one another.

That unicitiy is what makes us human, and it’s for that reason that we highly recommend you look to watch Pachamama. It’s an invigorating story with a tremendous script, a huge amount of heart, and plenty of energising moments. Pack in some great takes on South American culture that feels far more authentic, and you can see why this movie is a must-watch on a Friday night with the family.

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