Film Review of the Week: Space Jam: A New Legacy

Film Review of the Week: Space Jam: A New Legacy

On the lookout for a quality film to watch with the kids? Then you should think about trying out our Film Review of the Week. This week, we are looking at a blockbuster that is showing all across cinemas and streaming platforms in Space Jam: A New Legacy. Can the sequel live up to one of the whackiest films of the 1990s?

Whether you follow a sport like basketball or not, there is a good chance that you know who LeBron James is. Much like Michael Jordan before him, LeBron is a brand within himself; an affable personality with a magnetic charisma to go along with an athletic prowess that few can match. That leads to various opportunities away from basketball, at least competitively; including media opportunity. And with well over 20 years of waiting, movie fans with a love of basketball have a new film to watch in Space Jam: A New Legacy.

This 2021 release is still showing in cinemas, but it also available across a host of different online streaming platforms. The movie notes a movie debut for LeBron, but also the opportunity for the Looney Tunes to get back on the big screen, some 18 years since they last took part.

Boasting exceptional animation and product placement galore, Space Jam: A New Legacy offers a kid-friendly introduction to the Looney Tunes. It also offers adults a chance to see some comical nods to previous media history, including a grand take on the various Warner Bros IPs that you see throughout the movie.

Is Space Jam: A New Legacy for you?

The plot is simple: LeBron, playing a fictionalised version of himself, has a tough relationship with his son Dom. Obsessed with sport, LeBron does not release that is son wishes to be involved in the tech world instead. After being pitched a tech product that would allow someone to inject themselves into a digital recreation of just about any Warner Bros. franchise. Despite his sons interest, LeBron rejects the idea and in doing so annoys the AI behind the program, AL-G Rhythm.

Refusing to let his son give up basketball, LeBron and his son are lured back to Warner, where Dom wants to work instead of playing. They are tricked by Al-G Rhythm, who is annoyed by their rejection, into being warped into the virtual reality. LeBron is then forced to team up with various Looney Tunes stars to overcome the challenges placed in front of him by the AI – of course, this includes basketball in some form.

In truth, the plot seems to veer away from itself too often and the main joy of the original film, Space Jam, never really returns to the fore. It is, though, a fun enough watch that kids should enjoy. There should also be enough nostalgia and ‘ah!’ moments for parents to sit through the 115-minute run time and still have a good time.

If you are a basketball fan, you might love it a bit more. If you are a Warner Bros fan, you’ll get enough pop culture references to have a fun time. Outside of that, though, Space Jam: A New Legacy is a product placement movie that has just enough of a plot to keep you interested. It might not be a classic like the original, but it’s definitely worth an evening with the kids.

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