The History of the... Cola Cube

The History of the... Cola Cube

When it comes to sweeties, we know that everything we eat has a story. While some sweeties make immediate sense with their inspiration, others are less so. As part of our new range of stories, we want to share with you one tale per week about the glorious history of the sweetie industry and what that means for us all. For example, have you ever thought about how Cola Cubes came to be?

While some might spell it as Kola Kube, the product is the same; a glorious cube of hard-boiled glory that retains the obvious, distinctive taste of Cola. That rich, sweet taste is something that can immediately catch the tastebuds and give them a needed jolt. How, though, did these amazing little treats get created?

The history of Cola Cubes goes back to the 1940s. They were created by Pascall, a popular confectionary company, and quickly became a sensation on the market. They were also noted for their gorgeously chewy centre, ensuring that every cube could be sucked to within an inch of its taste and flavour. The treat, then, quickly became a bit of a sensation for anyone who wanted a chewy, fruity treat that came with a very long-lasting flavour.

While many brands today make their own cola cubes – you can even buy a cola cube flavoured cider, courtesy of Stiffy’s – they all retain the same idea. A tasty block of sugar that comes with the enriching taste of cola, ensuring you can enjoy an absolutely fantastic tasting treat that hits the right spot every single time.

If you love to have a glass of cola, then you should definitely give yourself the opportunity to enjoy them in true style courtesy of some cola cubes.

Did you know?

That cola cubes were once used as the perfect way to keep their children quiet. While today we might rely upon the shine of a smartphone screen to get the kids to quieten down for a short while, back in the day it was candy. Especially in their heyday in the post-war world, cola cubes were seen as the perfect treat to give to a young child to keep them very much in a sweet mood.

Over the years, they became a wonderful starting place for any parent who wanted to help calm down the children. That might explain why so many of our grandparents just seem to have a magic stash of cola cubes waiting to hand out to their grandchildren and great grandchildren; they are the ultimate pacifier for a young mind!

The rich taste, the lasting flavour, and the relative challenge involved in breaking down a cola cube makes them the ideal occupier for any youngster. So, if you want to find a smart way to keep the kids very much calm when it comes their visits, you should definitely look to make a wise investment in a packet of Kola Cubes to offer them as a tasty treat that takes them ample time to finish!

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