The history of the... Jelly Baby

The history of the... Jelly Baby

As one of the most popular sweeties of all-time, the jelly baby is a product loved by most. That soft exterior mixed with the jelly interior is a winning combination regardless of your age. This classic of the industry has become a popular choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a nice bag of traditional treats that come with various fruit flavourings. What, though, made the jelly baby? What inspired the development of such a product?

The unknown history of the jelly baby

So, the thing that makes jelly babies so interesting is that their actual origin has been lost to the annals of history. Nobody actually knows for sure when the product was first developed. Some legends point to an Australian inventor around the mid-1860s. Apparently, though, like most famous inventions, it was actually a minor mistake. The intention was to create the mould for some jelly bears; instead, the jelly baby was created. How? We will never know, but we can be thankful for the invention in the first place!

The product was sold by various makers, but it was eventually picked up by Basset’s and thus soon became a staple of their confectionary collection. They were released for the end of the First World War, and were called ‘peace babies’ – they even took on a more refined baby-like style, as opposed to the generic human-like shape that they retained in their original outings.

In 1953, Basset’s re-released the Peace Baby range as the now known Jelly Babies. This happened after a hiatus during the Second World War, when product shortages en masse led to items like this becoming a novelty. By their release, they even came with some PR-developed names to try and add even more prestige and personality to the products.

The stardom of the jelly baby

Over time, these products became a very common item to be seen on markets around the world. They were even given names, with the various names such as Bubbles (yellow) and Boofuls (green) becoming well-loved across the scene. You even got Bigheart (purple) and Bumper (orange) to match-up with Bonny (red). They were even given some distinctive features; for example, the green baby, Boofuls, appears to be crying!

Don’t worry, though; the baby is perfectly OK. Boofuls was just designed to be given a bit more personality, and sensitivity is the trait given. Over the years, these sweets have become hugely popular as people get used to a range of sweeties that come with a bit more invention than the norm.

While most treats are more or less faceless and sold based on their test as opposed to their personality, the Jelly Baby is a different breed entirely. They are endearing, enjoyable, and exciting little jelly babies that look fantastic, taste delightful, and should be the perfect add-on for anyone on the lookout for a sweet treat to try out this weekend.

Why not celebrate the story of jelly babies by ordering a bag to enjoy for yourself this week?

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