What Sweets are Dairy Free?

What Sweets are Dairy Free?

When you are on the lookout for dairy free sweets, it’s so hard to find something that ticks every box. In a bid to help you make a choice that you can be happy with, though, we recommend you take a look at the following list.
These various dairy free treats come with all of the taste that you could want. From vintage fruit jelly products to more abstract and obscure choices, we have something for everyone who wants to give their sweet tooth some much-needed satisfaction. So, where do you start on making changes?
What sweets are dairy free that you can buy today?

Fruit Jellies

Let’s start with a classic, shall we? Fruit jellies. These are a popular choice for anyone who wants that classic dairy free sweet treat. With sparkling sugar on top and gorgeous fruit flavourings within their little shells, our dairy free sweets can easily remove all of the challenge involved in buying your chosen sweet treats without any issue.
A top quality choice that is very easy for you to work with to begin.

Mini Bananas

If you want to buy some quality little foam sweets, though, try out some mini bananas. These come with a nice and easy to enjoy texture, a mild but addictive flavour, and a really enjoyable product. It’s the easiest way for you – or anyone – to enjoying some banana flavoured treats. 
Bananas are a great choice for anyone who would want to find some dairy free sweets that can still contain that classic creamy taste without breaking any codes.

Raspberry Super Shrimps

When you want to try and improve your choice, you can buy some raspberry super shrimps. These stay on that classic list of dairy free sweets that can be just what you are looking for. They have that classic foam texture with a rich and enjoyable raspberry flavour that can be just what you are looking for personally.
Change it up a touch, then, with some raspberry super shrimps that can hit the right notes in terms of taste. 

Strawberry Milkshake Bottles

As one of the classic treats for anyone, a strawberry milkshake bottle can be a good dairy free treat. It gives you that classic milkshake taste without having to worry about taking in actual dairy. This can be essential for anyone who wants to make sure they buy some all-around classic sweet treats whilst having enough variety to know they offer a difference in terms of the taste and flavour that you tend to get when shopping. 

Milk Bottles

Another fine choice for anyone who wants to keep their dairy free sweets simple, milk bottles do the job. They are often a good choice, though, because they typically give you every opportunity to buy something dairy-like without having to worry about the presence of actual dairy itself.
This allows you to get the best of both worlds; that awesome dairy taste without having to compromise on any moral or health codes that you pay close attention to.

Blue Raspberry Twisters

Change it up a touch with the help of some classic blue raspberry twisters. This can be just what you are looking for if you want to try and take things to that next phase of enjoyment. Raspberry twisters make a fine pick because they taste great, they come with a really particular texture, and they can be just what you are looking for in terms of offering that interesting hint of sourness to your collection.

Dolly Mixture

Ah, what a classic! The dolly mixture offers a fine way for you to buy some of the most classic treats in the world. These must-try classics some with a whole range of classic flavours packed into the bag, from those little chew treats and foam classic to sugar-coated gems.
It’s a good choice for anyone on the lookout for a dolly mixture that can really offer all of the classic shapes, tastes, and styles that suit your needs.

Jelly Beans

Sticking to the classics, some jelly beans make a must-buy dairy free treat. Now you can change it up, buy something new, and really focus on those rich fruit flavours. Diary free products often have a strong fruit base, and our range of jelly beans are no different.
Pick a bag of these up and you will not regret it; a top quality choice for anyone who has a sweet tooth that needs some instant satisfaction.

Jelly Babies

Another vintage sweet is the old-school jelly babies. Pick up a packet of jelly babies and you can get everything you need to start changing your approach to fruit-based treats. These are an ideal dairy free treat that comes with that gorgeous sugar powdering powered with real fruit flavours and tastes.
So, do yourself a favour and try out some of these awesome textures ASAP. With these jelly babies, you get a reliable option that most kids love.

Watermelon Slices

To change it up, why not buy some watermelon slices? These come with a lot of flavour, and a real juiciness that is so easy to enjoy. They look just like the real thing, too, giving you dairy free treats that come with a great taste, an interesting texture, and more than enough chewing to give you that tasty treat you were hoping for.
Change it up when buying dairy free sweets, then, with a range of top quality watermelon slices. 

Buying Dairy Free Sweets

If you want to try and make things a bit easier when it comes to buying treats, you should start with the above list. It can remove much of the confusion and searching that is needed when buying a treat. If you find it hard to make choices about dairy free treats, though, the above list should offer ideal inspiration.
The challenge for you, then, is quite simple: out of all the products above, what gives you the most satisfaction? You might need to try one of each to find out! 
You can find our full range of Dairy Free products here.

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