What sweets are Vegan?

What sweets are Vegan?

When it comes to buying some sweet treats to enjoy today, we have a great many options to choose from. For vegans, though, buying vegan sweets can be surprisingly tough. If you are sick of looking around at labels and having to be disappointed, then you might just want to take a look at some of the following sweets below.
We have built up a list of awesome vegan sweets and treats that you could enjoy. From vegan-friendly Cola bottles to fudges, we’ve a list suitable for all but the most particularly set-up of tastebuds within your mouth.
What are the best vegan friendly sweets to buy?

Cherry Cola Bottles

A good way for you to move things forward is to buy some classic vegan treats, like cherry Cola bottles. These make a good choice for anyone who wants to enjoy that fizz and charm whilst having that nice little cherry hint in the background. Not too much, never overpowering, or uncomfortable, buy the ideal starting place for anyone on the lookout for a stylish set of goodies to enjoy at their own comfort and leisure.

Fizzy Cola Bottles

Of course, not everyone wants that cherry punch in their vegan treats – so why not get some classic Cola bottles instead? 
This allows you to enjoy a much easier pick-up, leaving you with a choice that can be utterly transformative. It’s something that you need to really think about if you want to try and pick up vegan treats that are going to be enjoyable enough to eat without losing any of that classically enjoyable taste. Cola bottles make that easy! 

Bubblegum Mermaids

A fine choice for seafaring vegans, our bubblegum mermaids take a classic sweet treat and transform it entirely. They pack in that bubblegum flavour that is so easy to fall in love with, whilst the chewy texture helps these to be goodies that you can chew on day-in, day-out.
An ideal choice for anyone on the lookout for something different, our bubblegum mermaids can remove any confusion about buying vegan sweets which aren’t just vegan-friendly repeats of the classics.

Strawberries & Cream Fudge

If you like your vegan sweets to come from fudge bases, then try out some strawberries and cream fudge. This is a vegan option for anyone who wants to pick up something a bit different. The nice strawberry hint in the background is a lovely touch, as is the overall taste and energy that permeates from the fudge itself. So, why not take a quick look at what kind of cream fudge you can find that is also suitable for a vegan? 
If you want something like this, start with the above.

Flying Saucers

If you like your treats to come with a bit of charisma, you should try out the classic flying saucers. These are rich with taste and come in various flavours so you can enjoy a whole range of sugary charm with every single bite. A must-have and must-try option for anyone who wants to enjoy their selection of something classic.

Turkish Delight

Another classic is Turkish Delight. Finding vegan friendly sweets such as TD can be tough; our selection, though, makes this otherwise challenging process a whole lot easier. Turkish Delight is a beloved option for many reasons; this gives you everything that you could want from a modern chewy treat. It’s enjoyable, taste, and rich with flavour. All the same time as being a vegan friendly treat – is that not worth investing time and money into?

Sour Shocks

If you want a vegan treat that is going to leave your mouth chasing itself, then be sure to take a look at some of our vintage sour shocks. These are a must-try option that can feel suitably fantastic; a top quality choice that is easy to enjoy, simple to work with, and satisfying in almost every feasible way.
Take the stress out of your treat selection and grab something classically sour that will leave your mind doing dances.

Sour Dummies

Sticking to the sour theme, have you thought about buying some vegan friendly sour dummies? These ring-shaped treats are suitably spectacular. They can give you something that is easy to chew away on, to sook the flavour from, or to simply leave in your mouth for that gorgeous sour taste for a whole lot longer.
If you like your treats to come with a bit of charisma and character, then make some room for sour dummies in your shopping cart!

Giant Strawberries

Another classic of the vegan treat industry are giant strawberries. These gorgeous big jelly sweets are great for chewing on all-night long, leaving you with a bag that you can just dip in and out of at your own choice and leisure. Definitely a top quality choice for anyone who is on the lookout for something a little bit more memorable.
If your childhood is full of memories of giant strawberries, relive your childhood today!

Space Jellies

Lastly, if you want to stay on the jelly route, be sure to look at some space jellies. These come in the shape of various galactic options, from little rocket ships to ringed planets. It’s a good choice for anyone who wants to buy some enjoyable vegan friendly jelly treats.
Take a look today and you can see why this is the choice of cosmic confectionary for anyone with galactic ambitions when it comes to satisfying their sugary cravings. 

Making Your Choice On Vegan Sweets

With so many items to choose from, we know that it can be tough. By paying attention to the above list, though, you can more or less make sure you are buying vegan treats that are safe to eat. No more after-the-fact discoveries that your ‘vegan’ treats are in fact nothing of the sort.
Instead, stick to the above goods and you are buying vegan friendly treats. Now, you and your sweet tooth can get back to being friends without breaking any moral codes! 
You can find our full range of vegan sweets here.

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