Pringles Sour Cream Flavour

Pringles Sour Cream Flavour

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Give yourself all of the help that you need to enjoy savoury treats with our Pringles range. Classic sour cream flavour Pringles are just what you should be looking for when you want that classic springtime treat. The enjoyable nature of the sour cream helps to create a crisp that is easy to crunch into for hours on end, enjoying and savouring every last drop that you get from the sour cream flavouring.

Never too intense or overpowering, these crisps make an excellent choice to add to any savoury cupboard. Build up a little collection of these tubs of joy, and you can have a fun, mild crisp to eat anytime the mood happens to take you. These are some of the most popular crisps on the market for good reason, known for their outstanding quality and delectable crunch.

Try out some sour cream flavour Pringles, then, and you can enjoy eating something a little bit more classic than some of our other alternatives. For a Pringles tub that you can enjoy eating without having to worry about finishing off the whole thing, then, pick up some sour cream Pringles and enjoy every last crumb of that mild, enjoyable flavouring.


Dehydrated Potatoes, Vegetable Oils (Sunflower, Corn), Rice Flour, Wheat Starch, Corn Flour, Sour Cream & Onion Seasoning (Onion Powder, Dextrose, Sugar, Sweet Whey Powder {Milk}, Sour Cream Powder {Milk}, Flavourings {Milk}, Glucose Syrup, Potato Starch, Lactose {Milk}, Milk Proteins, Acids {Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Malic Acid}, Yeast Extract), Emulsifier (E471), Maltodextrin, Salt, Colour (Annatto).

 Typical Values   per 100g
 Energy   2.120 kj / 506 kcal
 Fat   32 g 
 of which saturates   3.5 g 
 Carbohydrates   51 g 
 of which sugars   3.1 g 
 Fibre   2.7 g
 Protein   4 g
 Salt   1.5 g

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