White Candy Floss

White Candy Floss

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A true classic of the confectionary genre, candy floss really is a must-have for movie nights in with the kids. That’s why we make it easy for you to buy up as much white candy floss as you could possibly need so that you can start having some fun starting today. Pick up some of our classic white candy floss and you can make sure that you have everything you need waiting for you at home. Take a look at this bag of candy floss, and you will know for a fact that you have the ideal quantity and quality of mixture to enjoy whenever you might wish to try it out.

As one of our most popular sells, white candy floss works great for parties, or even just as a treat for the kids to enjoy after school has finished for the week. Whatever the occasion or the reason, you can easily and quickly pick up some white candy floss from our store and have it ready to be enjoyed by the kids as soon as you are ready. So, why not try it out for yourself and see what all the fuss is about when it comes to candy floss?


Sugar, Flavourings, Natural Colour (E172).

 Typical Values   per 100g
 Energy   1,694 kj / 405 kcal
 Fat   0 g 
 of which saturates   0 g 
 Carbohydrates   100 g 
 of which sugars   100 g 
 Fibre   0 g
 Protein   0 g
 Salt   0 g

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