Bubblegum Nougat

Bubblegum Nougat

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When you want a nougat flavoured item with a very specific taste, you should try out our bubblegum nougat. This has become immensely popular among our customers as they appreciate just how rich and diverse the flavouring actually is. Bubblegum has that particularly distinctive and specific taste anyway, so why not let yourself enjoy that flavour and energy in some style today?

Bubblegum nougat has become among our most popular choices for anyone on the lookout for something with a bit of personality and style attached. With our bubblegum nougat, you should come and take a look at what we have so that you find it easier than ever to get a high quality nougat to enjoy whenever you take the fancy for such an item.

We have a fine range of nougat items at Pleased To Sweet You, but we know that our bubblegum speciality is often among our most popular options for the majority of people. They taste spectacular, they come with a really particular energy, and they make a great choice for those who fancy something with a sickly-sweet style that is sure to hit the back of the throat with every bite. Try it today!


Icing Sugar, Corn Flour, Hardened Palm Kernel Oil, Glucose, Gelatine. Colours (E171, E155, E133, E102, E110), Flavours.

May contain traces of nuts.

 Typical Values   per 100g
 Energy   1,629 kj / 389 kcal
 Fat   11 g 
 of which saturates   10 g 
 Carbohydrates   70 g 
 of which sugars   54 g 
 Fibre   0 g
 Protein   2 g
 Salt   0 g

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