Green Marshmallow Paint Balls Sweets

Green Marshmallow Paint Balls Sweets

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Trying to find some classic sugar-coated marshmallows? Then pick up some of our beloved green paint balls. These come with a colourful and enjoyable addition of sugar on top of the clear green mallow, creating something that looks like a little ball of paint. Chew into this, though, and you’ll get to enjoy an ambitious, satisfying taste that is made even more enjoyable thanks to those crunchy little granules of sugar. So, why not try out some classic green paint balls for yourself?

These make the most wonderful starting place for anyone who is on the lookout for a paint ball that you can actually eat. Worried your kids might get into the paint tub? Then give them some of these ‘paint balls’ instead – these are actually edible and are wonderfully tasty too!

Give your children all the help they need to enjoy something a little different on movie night this week courtesy of our most wonderful collection of goodies. Fun can be had by all with a little bit of mallow in your life, so add some of these green paint balls into your shopping cart and treat the kids to something special!


Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Sugar, Water, Beef Gelatine, Humectant: Sorbitol; Flavourings, Colours: E100, E133.

 Typical Values   per 100g
 Energy   1,462 kj / 344 kcal
 Fat   0 g 
 of which saturates   0 g 
 Carbohydrates   82 g 
 of which sugars   73 g 
 Fibre   0 g
 Protein   4 g
 Salt   0.1 g